Land Reparation


Environmental Reparations CIC, (EnviroRep) is a Community Interest Company Incorporated in the UK and Limited by Shares. Company number 10192973.

Donations via the button are limited to a maximum £20,000.00 in £sterling, US$, EC€ or other Currencies. For those wishing to make larger donation amounts or for share purchases, please contact for advice on dedicated routing.

HMRC Certified EIS and SEIS tax efficient schemes may be available to qualifying Investors and all such transactions are handled by our Company Chartered Accountants.

All donations and share income is used for the good of the global communities we strive to help. As per the Regulations for Community Interest Companies, a legal maximum 35% of profits, after expenses, are allocated for shareholder dividends. (Please click “Shares” button for more detail).

Profits are derived from the sale of recovered materials such as recyclable Oil, Biomass from absorbent materials, Biogas from food waste digestion (decomposition), Fertiliser from invasive vegetation, Plastics and any other collected waste materials.

65% is allocated for Operations, supply of Hi-Tech Oil Recovery vessels, Hovercraft, Specialist Equipment, and all other equipment and Services required, as listed throughout this website, to each beneficiary country. Employee training and servicing of equipment is by necessity, a vital part of our operation to eliminate mechanical failure and enable uninterrupted success of each re-generation project wherever it might be in the world. Any surplus profit, by Law, will be donated to new and ongoing charitable projects.

Philanthropists and interested Investors, please see more detail on “Purchase of Shares” page.

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