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Environmental Reparations CIC, (EnviroRep) is a “Performance based” Community Interest Company, limited by Shares which are legally subject to a Government controlled, but periodically updated Dividend Cap. (Please see below). This is a means of ensuring that, while investment can be generated through issuing shares, the CIC model cannot be improperly exploited for personal gain. In this way the CIC can reassure the Public that the motives behind it are genuine, while still maintaining an effective means of attracting financial support from small and large shareholder members seeking sound, established investment for their money, whilst helping us to help those in need. As well as Public donations and shareholder investment, we welcome Philanthropists.

We must make a profit to succeed. After operating expenses and dividends are covered, the surplus is legally required to be charitably donated, or prudently invested, into genuine ways to improve the lives to the greatest extent of those we seek to help.

However, the greater the monies generated from the varied and extensive Global activities of the Company, the greater the dividend fund available to service the overall shareholding of our members, and the greater benefit to those in need.

For those who qualify, EIS and SEIS tax relief programmes are available.

The “Dividend Cap”

The purpose of this cap is to ensure a balance is achieved between providing an attractive investment opportunity (often essential in stimulating and maintaining the financial backing required to run the CIC) and making sure that the majority of profits made are applied for Community benefit.

The Cap has THREE elements;

  • The maximum dividend per share limits the amount of dividend that can be paid on any given share. The limit for shares in issue between 1st July 2005 and 5th April 2010 is 5% above the Bank of England Bank base lending rate of the paid-up value of a share. The limit for shares issued after 6th April 2010 is 20% of the paid-up value of the share.
  • The maximum aggregate dividend limits the total dividend declared in terms of the profits available for distribution. Currently, the limit is 35% of the distributable profits.
  • The ability to carry forward unused dividend capacity from year to year to a limited extent. Currently the limit is 5 years.

Maximum Aggregate limit;

The dividend limit is calculated from the Company profit and must not exceed 35% of distributable profits of the CIC, thus 65% is guaranteed to be used for assisting those countries and peoples in need of help in the elimination of oil, plastic, invasive vegetation, sewage pollution, body parts, heavy metals and all other poisonous elements in/on water, beaches or land, within our recovery capacity.

After analysis and disposal of recovered oil, subject to any contractual limitations, recycling for profit after expensess delivers 65% fraud-free re-investment for the beneficiary country to assist with practical help, advice, supervision, absorbent materials, safety equipment and training thereof, local employment for the efficient continuation of the clean-up project, to re-establish indigenous farming, fishing, economies and lifestyles and the growth of Cottage and Commercial industries to the limit of our abilities…. plus the self-respect to provide for their families.

Total recycling delivers Investment Profitability for all…